Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Summary of Sarah Orne Jewett's "A White Heron"

"A White Heron"

Sarah Orne Jewett
One June evening, a young girl named Sylvia was leading her cow "Mistress Moolly" home for the night when she heard a whistle. She was immediately put on edge; Sylvia was very shy, and she had a tendency to ostracize herself from others. When Sylvia heard the whistle she decided to hide amongst the bushes, but she was too late. The whistler saw her and asked her how far it was to the road; Sylvia's answer was almost inaudible. The whistler was a tall young man, who carried a shotgun. Sylvia continued to walk home and both the young man and the cow followed behind her. He asked for her name, and then he told her that he had been hunting in the woods for some birds and had lost his way. He asked her if she thought it would be alright if he stayed at her house that night. She shook as she told him that her name was Sylvy.
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